Smart Lens!
Click on any text to have it pop out in a bigger size! (Patent Pending)
Now you can read on the small screen and read it as the artist intended!

Cool Page turn effect!
Drag from the sides to turn the page in the most realistic page turn effect ever!
Drag from the top to access all the controls!

Stream comics from a WebDav server!
Now you can access all your comics without having to recopy or delete them!

Comic Reader Mobi remembers you're place in every series and in every comic. Never lose your place again!

Available for all the major phones, tablets and PCs.

Universal License!
No need to rebuy it for each device.

Embed it on your own site.
Now you can use the Comic Reader Mobi technology to show your own comics
Just click on "Custom Reader" for instructions on how to do so.